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10 Things to Quit Right Away if you are Pregnant

10 Things to Quit Right Away if you are Pregnant

Pregnancy is a journey of women stepping into motherhood. Nothing in the world can be compared to the joy of becoming a mother. For most of the time, it is often believed that mother’s love is unconditional and selfless. Therefore, this statement holds true in every sense as there are many compromises a woman has to make when she is pregnant. She has to quit many such habits which are harmful to the health of the baby and the child.


1. Be cautious of what you eat

When on one hand there is a long list of food items a woman should eat during her pregnancy. At the same time, on the other hand, are some food items, she has to strictly avoid. They are, smokes seafood, raw fish, Deli meat, raw eggs, unpasteurized dairy products as all these are not fit to be consumed by a pregnant woman. Other than these there are lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and many more healthy food varieties to opt for.

2. Stay away from toxic paint

The paint is full of toxins which are very hazardous for women who are going to expect a baby. Hence, a woman should not be exposed to paint.

3. Extra Caffeine is a big no

Cutting down on one’s caffeine intake is very much important because it results in increased blood pressure. It is o because of caffeine is indirectly very harmful to pregnant women. Consuming caffeine will also affect the metabolism of the baby.

4. Quit Smoking

In today’s date, it is very common to come across women who smoke. During the course of pregnancy, women are expected to quit smoking as it will not only be harmful to the mother but there are also possibilities for the child to attract diseases and disabilities.

5. Keep a check on medicines before consuming them

It is strictly advised to take medicines only through a prescription or doctor’s advice. One may never know what medicines can react to the mother’s and child’s body.

6. Bye- Bye to Heels

Swelling of feet is one of the most common discomforts for pregnant women. Therefore, during pregnancy, a woman should not wear heels and it will be more strain to their feet.

7. No more Hot Tub and Sauna

Yes, everyone loves to be in a hot tub or sauna, but they are a big no for the pregnant women as they can immediately live the body temperature.

8. No more drinking

Drinking is one of those habits which should be stopped even before planning a baby. This is because drinks contain several different chemicals and in most cases can also result in cancer and miscarriages.

9. Do not sit or stand for a longer duration

It is advised to women very commonly do not hold the same position for long hours. A pregnant woman should regularly walk and take proper rest.

10. Become your own nurse

It is often said, that a pregnant woman should always take care of herself as her utmost priority. If she is taking enough care of herself, then indirectly she is also taking care of her baby.

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