Must-Have Baby Feeding Accessories for New Moms

Must-Have Baby Feeding Accessories for New Moms! Feeding is an essential way of keeping your baby healthy. To keep your baby healthy, you ought to breastfeed the baby regularly for about six months. The diet will most likely start to change after six months of age. You will need to buy some baby feeding accessories to help you offer food to your baby.

There are breastfeeding accessories for newborns and weaning accessories for babies that are above six months old. After reading this article, you will get to understand some of the necessary equipment that will help you feed your baby, whether newborn or more than six months old.

Baby Feeding Accessories for Newborns

Newborns depend entirely on breast milk or formula. As a responsible mom, you need to buy all the necessary breastfeeding and formula feeding equipment. Here are some of the accessories that you should buy for your baby.

Must-Have Baby Feeding Accessories

Baby Bottles

Baby bottles are the essential feeding equipment that every parenting mom should have. There are many types of baby bottles that you can buy. Glass baby bottles are the most common ones followed by the plastic bottles. Silicone bottles are also available but are hard to find.

Baby bottles have numerous benefits. They are suitable for feeding your child when traveling or when you are in public places. Once you have filled the container with milk or formula, you can offer it to your child to self-feed. You can also ask your close family member or hubby to help you feed the baby.

Bottle Sterilizer

A sterilizer is essential for healthy baby feeding. Sterilizing the bottles and nipples keeps away bacteria that may potentially cause disease in your baby. That is because newborns are highly susceptible to bacterial infections.

There are two main types of sterilizers namely electric and microwave sterilizers.

Electric Sterilizer

With this equipment, you can sterilize many bottles at once. Some sterilizers use steam to kill all the bacteria present in feeding bottles. Note that sterilization occurs between five to fifteen minutes depending on the material. These sterilizers need electric power to function effectively.

Microwave Sterilizer

Consist of a plastic container that can hold multiple bottles to be sterilized. These equipment do not need chemicals to clean the baby feeding bottles. Sterilization occurs between two to eight minutes.

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Bottle and Nipple Brush

If you are looking for a tool that will help you clean your feeding bottles, a bottle-brush is ideal for you. You can use the brush to scrub away milk remains in the bottle or nipples. To get your bottles sparkling clean, you should use the brush when washing.

Breast Pumps

Must-Have Baby Feeding Accessories

Breast pumps are ideal for removing breast milk from breasts. When you have an excess supply of milk, you can use the pump to collect breast milk and store it for future use. Pumping can help you relieve the pains resulting from bites when breastfeeding.

There are various types of breast pumps ranging from the electric pumps to the manual pumps. Some pumps can remove milk from the two breasts at the same time. Depending on your baby’s needs, you can choose the pump that will work best for you and your baby.


The formula is an essential food for your baby when you are bottle-feeding. There are many brands available. However, you need to purchase the one recommended by your newborn’s pediatrician. Some babies may be allergic to formula. Therefore, you need to check any form of reaction that may arise when feeding your baby.

Bottle Warmer

With this equipment, you can heat a bottle with milk when it’s cold. Bottle warmers can be helpful during cold nights and seasons. All you need to do is to plug the bottle warmer in an electric socket and heat your baby’s milk.

The warmers are available in various types. Some are designed to warm the bottle milk without electricity. Instead, they use a bag containing chemicals that release heat when you add water. Such warmers are suitable in places where there is no power or fire.

Muslins and Bibs

The muslins are ideal for wiping milk spills during feeding. You can also use the muslin to clean up your clothes when they get dirty while feeding. The bib clothes prevent milk spills from getting to your baby’s clothes during feeding. Silicone bibs are also available.

Bottle Carriers

Bottle carriers are insulated to maintain the temperature of the milk present in the bottle. They can keep the milk warm for about four hours.

Breastfeeding Pillow

Keeping your baby comfortable while breastfeeding encourages latching. A breastfeeding pillow is ideal for achieving that. The pillow provides enough support to your baby during feeding. It can raise your baby close to your breast.

Baby Feeding Accessories for Six-month-old Kids

Must-Have Baby Feeding Accessories

At six months of age, most babies start feeding on solid foods. As a parent, you need to have all the accessories that will help your baby to adapt to solid foods. We are going to look at some of the equipment that will help you to achieve that.

Baby Food Feeder

Baby food feeders are available in two forms namely the silicone feeder and the mesh feeder. Both of these feeders are useful for introducing solid foods to a baby. You can place sliced or mashed fruits and vegetables inside and let your baby feed.

Feeding Spoons

If your baby has to use a spoon, a feeding spoon meant for babies is an ideal accessory to help the kid feed comfortably. Most of these spoons allow your baby to self-feed. An example of such spoons is the dipping spoon.

Mash and Serve Bowl

The mash and serve bowl is ideal for pureeing food before feeding your baby especially if you cannot afford a food blender.

Food Storage Container

If you have to store food for your baby, a food storage container can help you do that. There are different storage containers based on the type of foods to be stored. An example of such vessels is the snack keeper.

Final Word

Apart from the ones mentioned here, there are many more baby feeding accessories in the market. When shopping for your baby, you need to prepare a list of all the essential accessories. Such equipment can keep your baby happy, comfortable, and healthy.

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