Top 10 Food Cravings During Pregnancy

Top 10 Food Cravings During Pregnancy! Pregnancy is not just a phase of women’s life; rather it is a beautiful journey of entering into motherhood. This blissful expedition of keeping and nurturing a child welcomes different taste swings. Many studies have been conducted to find the actual scientific reason behind such cravings. However, until today’s date, no actual reason has been found out. Today we bring our readers the list of top 10 food and things Women highly Crave for During Pregnancy”.

  1. Spicy Food

Spicy Food

As mentioned earlier, cravings can peep in at any time in the journey of motherhood. Spicy foods are known to be the most craved for pregnant women. It was found out that pregnant women are always in a dire need of cooling down. Eating spicy food will make them sweat and thereby, cool them down. In most of the case, it is medically proven to be safe for women to eat spicy food during pregnancy but not in excess.

  1. Sweet Chocolate Craving

Sweet Chocolate Craving

Well, who doesn’t like to be treated with chocolates? Women, especially during this phase of life, wish to be pampered with a lot and lots of chocolates. Nothing else can be compared to the sense of satisfaction of eating chocolate. Doctor advise Dark Chocolates are best suited for the health of the child and mother.

  1. Ice-cream

Ice creams

Did anyone just name Ice-creams? It is yet another perfect solution for the sugar-rush cravings. It not only helps in keeping cool but also refreshes the mood of the pregnant woman. Yogurt Ice-creams are best according to specialists.

  1. Something Tangy as Pickles

Something Tangy as Pickles

We are 100% sure of the fact that taste buds during this journey of motherhood are definitely a thing. Women are found to be craving for something as tangy as the pickle. It is so because it has a unique taste of sweetness but a touch of spice and sourness. Pickles are a healthy pick for craving until consumed in moderate quantity.

  1. Red Meat


Red Meat

Iron deficiency is one of the most common problems that women go through pregnancy. Hence, there are no second thoughts given to the fact, women crave red meat during these months. Red Meat is the best for such deficiency and cravings as well. The accurate amount of green vegetables are also advised to be consumed along with the Red Meat.

  1. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

One of the most comforting foods on our list of cravings is Peanut Butter. Its unique taste can be savored if it is spread over the slice of fresh fruit.

  1. Pica

Top 10 Food Cravings During Pregnancy

Pica is no category of food rather it’s a non-food substance. This will include different and unique smells such as the lighting of a match-stick, dirt or several others.

  1. Potato Chips

Potato Chips
Top 10 Food Cravings During Pregnancy

These Potato Chips can prove to be very tasty and an instant craving solution. Women during their pregnancies crave for them as they are tangy in taste and crunch of course.

  1. Lemon and Lemon’s Tangy Flavor

Lemon and Lemon’s Tangy Flavor

Feelings the constant urge of tasting something as refreshing and tangy as lemon is very common during pregnancy. Lemons are


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